The easy way to earn cash from your pics
passive income

So this is a new term on me - passive income. Someone quoted this to me because they class JustGirls.net as a passive income type website. Once you've gone through the initial hassle of setting up your account and uploading pics, you can just sit back and relax and watch the money flow in.

new category - cos play

There's quite a few girls who like to get dressed up in sexy costumes.
And there's a lot of folk that are really interested in viewing cos play pics, so we've created a new cos play category.
Feel free to add your pics.

Why use justgirls when there are other websites claiming to make me money by selling pics

It would see that selling pics is now something that a lot of people are trying their hand at, and there are a lot of sites out there that claim to make you lots of money by selling your pics.
"selling" being the operative word. If you become very popular on these sites, I'm sure you can make some money selling your pics, but if you're not that popular, you'll probably not make anything.
JustGirls is different in that we don't sell your pics. We just make them available to view. And you make money when they're viewed. It's a much fairer system and literally anyone can money on this platform.

how much can you earn?

we get asked this a lot and the answer varies.
There's a fair few girls on here earning over $50 a month, but they're working very hard on uploading good quality pics and using all their upload slots.
They're also posting their personal link in a lot of places - literally just spamming it everywhere, but it works - they're making decent money from their pics from all this extra marketing.

new category - feet

So a surprise to me - feet pics!
There's a lot of folk that are really interested in viewing feet pics, so we've created a new feet category.
So if you're a foot model, feel free to add your pics.

we've hit 100 members

So we've now hit 100 members. This is a significant milestone and we're so chuffed to have achieved it.
It would seem you girls are really keen on making money from your sexy selfies. Bikini pics are expecially common.
We paid out last month over $1000 shared across our members and this makes us very happy

website launch

I'm just a normal bloke who has a hot girlfriend. Like most girls she posts loads of pics online, primarily to get likes and thumbs. But I asked her one day "why do you bother?" and she said "cos I like getting the 'likes' and the attention".
"What else?" I asked. "What if you could make some money from your pics?" I quizzed.
It got me thinking...How can girls make some reasonable money from their pics. Us blokes love looking at hot women, so the audience is defo there. The problem is there is no real platform for girls to achieve some earnings from their photos. And that's why I created justgirls.net. My hope is that it's real simple and straight forward for girls to post photos, monitor views, market their own photos and eventually make some money.

It's early days though. For the website to really take off, I need you girls to sign up and start posting photos. When you've done that, post your personal URL everywhere (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc) to get the traffic coming in. And then you will really start to see your earnings increase.